Estonia's future is in transit

ÄP 28. veebruar 2007, 00:00

"Right now our economy is boosting. But we have to watch into the future, what are the strengths and possibilities. Playing an important part in Transsiberian transit traffic corridor is one of the targets to achieve. It helps us to grow," commented Antropov to Logistics monthly.

Tourism is the second theme in which country has to put more effort in. To achieve that, Estonia has to build up good relationships with Russia.

So far, the politicians have not succeeded in the field, believes Antropov.

Paldiski Northern Port has invested into extension so far over billion EEK and the plan is to invest another billion in nearest future, announced Antropov two weeks ago.

Antropov also has some thoughts about joint venture with Paldiski Southern Port, which belongs to state owned Tallinna Sadam.

In November 2006, Paldiski Northern Port joined the network of Ford transit, transporting new Ford cars from Benelux countries to Russia via Estonia.

Port is also a member of the Coordinating Council of Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT), since 18th of October 2006.

Car transit represents a rapidly growing area in Estonia. Until now, cars have been transported to Russia mainly through Finnish ports.

Northern Port of Paldiski is situated in the near vicinity of the city of Paldiski.

Port is focused on safe and environment friendly goods.

The main articles are ro-ro cargo, mainly cars, container, bulk and general cargo. Paldiski Northern Port expect to reach the turnover by the end of the current year 4 million tons of cargo.

In the end of 2006, turnover of cargo was around one million tons. Port is privately owned company, all shares belong to Tintrade Group.

What do we consider innovation in warehouse?

Is it modern technology or something else?

Illimar Paul, the CEO of Transestonia believes that innovation begins at thinking in a different way. We call it proactive thinking mostly.

Answering to the Logistics monthly questionnaire, representatives of several different companies believe that innovation lies somewhere between modern technology courage to think differently.

"Every solution which helps to increase effectiveness and safety is already innovation," commented Konsensus-Laomaailm sales director Ilmar Metsma.

"For us, innovation is a process. The warehouse has to reply the customers needs. Flexibility is one of the keyword," said Mecro AS logistics manager Alo Bernstein.

Renault trucks in LCV range Maxity and Mascott will be available in Estonian market at the beginning of April.

Maxity, a light cab-over-engine vehicle packs compactness, manoeuvrability and payload into an innovative design inside and out, as well as offering enhanced safety features. Truck has one of the best payload of the market. Maxity is compact.

Its 1,87 meter width and reduced total length leads to 4,8 meter turning radius, which is one of the best in its category.

Its 1,820 kg payload, reduced fuel consumption and operating costs also rank it among the best in its category.

Maxity has the shortest turning radius in its category, 4,8 meters between kerbs for the shortest wheelbase (2500 mm).

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