Peak season brings problems

Kristo Kiviorg 25. oktoober 2006, 00:00

Tallinn Kaubamaja logistics director Uku Peerna said, that they usually start to prepare for the peak in Autumn already in January.

"The main issue is to work with employees to prepare them for the effort in Autumn. Info flow between suppliers and clients are also important. Mistakes in logistics will occur soon in revenue," said Peerna.

Rakvere Lihakombinaat AS head of logistics operations Tarmo Rei admitted, that in current situations, there are always some risks of outsourcing logistics service.

"Hauliers will definately have some capacity problems in peak season, but the goods have to be in the right place in the right time. We are trying to be flexible in outbounding the goods," commented Rei. Problems can be even greater for the warehouse staff this year, because Christmas holidays are on Monday and Tuesday - five days of work needs to be done in three days.

Frank Van Eynde, economical and commercial attache of Belgium Embassy, said in brief interview to Logistics monthly, that he is very surprised, how fast Estonia has developed so far.

"Technologically Estonia definately an example. But Estonian companies need to gain more confidence and the country has to put more effort on marketing in case of shortsea co-operation between Belgium and Estonia," said Van Eynde.

Due to that, Belgium Embassy called out a contact day.

Belgium Ports and Port operators and investors contact day with Estonian ports and companies will be held in 6th of November in Tallinn.

Main goal for Belgium companies is to find local partners and to discuss further co-opreation strategies.

The Flaunders Short Sea Promotion Centre has a plan to open local office. A non profit organisation was established in 1998. Organisation represent dutch speaking part of Belgium.

According to the two biggest hauliers in Estonia, Allando Trailways and SP Transit, Sillamäe-Kotka ferry line has small impact on Talinn-Helsingi cargoline.

"The capacity of the SillamäeKotka line is too small. Using the line comes on schedule when there is enough traffic between North-East Estonia and South-East part of Finalnd," told SP Transit MD Roman Loov.

Allando Trailways sales and marketing director said, that tehere are several reasons why the volume is not considerable.

"First. Kotka line is not yet very large. In comparison with the ferries from Tallinn, the price is still rather high and thirdly many of our clients in Finland are situated in the areas around Helsinki and Tampere, which make the usage of the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki more logical," said Van Rens.

Narva Line OÜ, the company which operates the ferryline, project manager Karl Kolk is sure that the line doesn´t compete with Tallinn-Helsingi cargoline at all.

"We don't consider that both lines are competitors. In our point of view Sillamäe-Kotka ferryline helps to lenghthen the Via Hansaetica road," commented Kolk in the end.

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