Education – the Engine for Integration

    The experience of the Nordic countries confirms that the free movement of people is a key prerequisite to development. It has provided people with better opportunities in terms of living, working and studying in neighbouring Nordic countries.

    At the same time the current challenges of today’s world - wars, conflicts, diseases, climate change and others - have brought forward possible problems associated with migration.

    Let’s discuss how has war in Ukraine changed the situation in migration and integration of refugees, what is the role of education in integrating newcomers to the receiving societies and which experiences have the Nordic and Baltic countries obtained in receiving and integrating refugees in our region.

    The participants of the podcast are Professor Tiit Tammaru from the University of Tartu, member of Estonian Academy of Sciences; Tuire Palonen, Research Fellow at the University of Turku; and Kari Käsper, Associate Legal Officer at UNHCR.

    The podcast is an introduction to the Nordic-Baltic migration conference arranged at the KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn on 24 October 2023.

    • Nordic Sustainable Future
    • 17.10.2023
    Education – the Engine for Integration
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