Mind the (Talent) Gap

    Cyber threats and cyber-crimes are global challenges, as is the lack of cyber security experts in the labor market.

    Why should we bother with cyber expert training, skilling, and cyber awareness? What does it mean for businesses and companies that are trying to innovate? What could be done to overcome this talent gap in the Nordic and Baltic region, which has set a goal for themselves to become the most digitally integrated region in the world?

    The host, Tarmo Virki from Äripäev, is joined by Holger Haljand (CEO of Telia Estonia), Rainer Saks (cyber expert at CTF Tech), and Stewart Kowalski (Visiting Professor in the Privacy Information and Cyber-Security department at the University of Skövde).

    • Nordic Sustainable Future
    • 30.08.2023
    Mind the (Talent) Gap
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