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    Economy in Green Transition

    Climate and biodiversity crisis echos now globally from various realms of life, the culprit is the type and size of economy we have. It does not fit into the boundaries of this ecosystem on the planet Earth. Yet, the same economy that is now devastating the planet, is itself depending on this ecosystem. Even if we know what is wrong, are we ready to fix that?

    This podcast reflects what a green and resilient economy would look like and how to achieve that. How can we reconcile economy with its resource base – natural ecosystem? Is bioeconomy and circular economy a real cure? We dive into this with the help of Jyrki Katainen, Director of SITRA and former prime minister of Finland and Taavi Rõivas, now entrepreneur and former prime minister of Estonia. Host of the show is Asa Ström Hildestrand.

    • Nordic Sustainable Economy
    • 30.06.2021
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    Economy in Green Transition
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