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    Happiness and Trust in Private and Business Life

    The Nordic countries are at the global forefront in terms of social trust. It contributes to the health and development of the economy, individuals and society as a whole. The greater the level of social trust, the less need there is to spend the state’s money on control mechanisms and the more prepared people are to pay taxes and do their bit for society in other ways. Companies in the region know as well how valuable satisfied workers are, and have started creating happy workplaces. Happy people are more productive, more creative and more dedicated, and want to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

    The podcast focuses on the roles played in both society and companies by trust and happiness and aims to look at how to measure and boost levels of happiness and trust and how these contribute to the success of companies. If trust is considered the Nordic gold, then what is Estonia’s most valuable resource?

    • Nordic Sustainable Economy
    • 25.08.2021
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    Happiness and Trust in Private and Business Life
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