Poola valitsus ootab USA otsust

11. september 2001, 22:33

Poola valitsus teatas Dow Jonesi teatel, et ootab oma turvameetmete kehtestamisel USA valitsuse otsusteni.

Järgneb ingliskeelne tekst:
'The Polish side is waiting on U.S. decisions before reacting. Certainly in
many cases we will want to join in support, especially as concerns humanitarian
aid,' Defense Minister Bronislaw Komorowski told reporters after the conclusion
of a crisis meeting attended by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, President Aleksander
Kwasniewski, and senior security officials.

Interior Minister Marek Biernacki said that police had been placed on full
alert soon after the attacks and had thrown a tight security cordon around
foreign embassies and key installations.

Readiness of air defense units and military command centers had also been
increased and communications links with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
tested, Komorowski said.

But Komorowski was cautious on whether Poland would support a U.S. military
response to the unprecedented assault on its home territory.

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