How to choose a forklift?

ÄP 25. aprill 2007, 00:00

It's not easy to choose a right forklift, furthermore, it´s ten times harder than buying a car, admitted Jaan Viita in his article.

Viita said that optimal fleet of forklifts can help you to plan your work.

Like in automotive industry, forklif producers are working towards hybrid engines and they have been quite successful so far.

According to Viita, hybrid engines consume less fuel than forklifts with petrol or diesel.

The average consumption in one hour is 2,5 litres, it's allmost 1,5 litres fewer than usually. The annual save is going to be 40 000 kroons.

Hybrid forklifts cost an average 10% more than diesel or petrol engine forklifts.

The next expence article after fuel is maintenance. According to Viita, maintanence costs can differ up to four times.

Service intervals can give some information about annual costs, but not always.

Depending on the producer, service intervals can be after every 250 to 1000 workhours.

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