Successful freight forwarding companies 2005

ÄP 29. november 2006, 00:00

Teet Tammiste, the director of the international forwarding, was surprised, that Estma finished first in 2005.

"Our goal is to find new clients abroad, we don't adulate clients from our competitors. We prefer co-operation with them," commented Tammiste.

Company has local agencies in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. In 2007, Estma hopes to broad the service portfolio. Estma's total net sales was 405 million EEK in 2005 and net profit 21 million EEK.

Second place went to Ookeani Konteinervedude OÜ which represents Hapag Lloyd conteinerline in Estonia. Total net sales in 2005 was 465 million EEK, which rose 284%. Profit rose 726%. Third place went to IK Speditor Group.

To create the chart, Äripäev compared six figures: net sales in 2004 and 2005, net profit in 2004 and 2005, ROE, the increase of sales, the increase of net profit and cost effectiveness. Each figure gave points, the winner was the company who earned less points.

Most data was received from the registry of the Ministry of Justice, plus data from Äripäev.

The head of the Estonian Logistics Association Mait Marran hopes to build up co-operation with neighbouring logistics associations.

The purpose is to strengthen the organisation in general and to gain logistics popularity and awareness among logistics professionals and students.

"We also hope to be full time partners with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in logistics strategic and development questions," commented Marran.

Estonian Logistics Association defined ten goals for the next two years. One of the main goal is to publish logistics e-magazine. Logistics association is a partner with Sensei OÜ, who organizes Baltic Annual Logistics Conference.

This year the award of the best logistics development went to Lextrans Autologistika OÜ. Company started car transit business to Russia in June 2006. It is the first Estonian haulier who have succeeded in this niche.

Lextrans is also the biggest trailer haulier in Estonia, company has 320 trailers all in all. In first seven months the company has transported more than 20 000 passenger cars.

There are several things which helps to prevent delays in supply chain. Most of the companies who were interviewed put first place direct communication with suppliers. "The keyword is trust. If delays occur, we usually put plan B into action. Of course if the supplier is guilty, they have to compensate it according to commitment," commented Kaupo Lõhmus from Baltika AS.

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